Reimagining How The World Feeds Itself

Vertical Growth Farming Systems is seeking to change the way that the world approaches hunger, malnutrition, natural disasters and the effects traditional farming has on our environment. Our unique container farm comes with everything one might need to take a seed through germination, growth, harvest, and storage. Our design, unparalleled crop yield potential, robust construction and global portability offer national, state, and local government agencies as well as non-governmental organizations the "turn-key" means to make a difference in combating hunger in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

Off-Grid Capabilities

Hydroponic Growing Technology

Increased Crop Harvest Frequency

Most Cost-Effective Farming Container On The Market

Provide nutritious food to...

  • Underserved, malnourished communities virtually anywhere.

  • Rural villages that struggle to farm due to water and/or soil issues.

  • Conflict torn or natural disaster regions where the agricultural supply chain has been disrupted.

  • Schools and universities with the added benefit of an educational vertical farming program.

  • Restaurants, hotels or individuals that want access to their own healthy backyard garden.

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