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The vertical growth farming system

The vertical growth farming system (VGFS) is the very first of its kind to be built within a 20' shipping container. The VGFS eliminates the need for fertile soil, something many places around the world lack, thanks to the use of hydroponic technology. Grow 2,160 plants per cycle with the 60 hydroponic tubes that utilize a minimal amount of water and energy. With a 368 ft2 footprint the VGFS can be placed virtually anywhere and only needs access to a clean water source and sun for your crop to flourish. VGFS gives you the things you need to get growing without sacrificing efficiency at an affordable price.

Benefits and Features

Conserves Water

The VGFS uses a fraction of the water that traditional farms use. Hydroponic fertilization allows for minimal water usage.

Decreases Crop Cycle Time

Because the VGFS allows for germination and growing simultaneously, crop cycles of 60 days can be achieved. Using lettuce as a standard metric, traditional farming methods allow for 3 to 4 harvests per year, but with hydroponic vertical farming up to 6 harvests can occur. By increasing your harvest cycles on an annual basis, the total yields would be significantly more.

Mobile And Soil Independent

The VGFS can be picked up and placed anywhere a regular shipping container can go. Because of the hydroponic growing system, it can even be placed in spots where the soil is inadequate to grow anything. In regions where climate change has turned fertile farm land to desserts, this an especially important feature. The ability to deploy where natural disasters have occurred is also vital to those areas in terms of food security and access to a healthy food source.

Decrease Your Footprint

One VGFS takes up only 368 ft2 of space. Places that need access to nutritious food the most often times don't have the land to accommodate farms.

Solar Powered

Solar panels on the roof of the container allow the farm to run independently from a power grid. Energy is stored in the provisioned batteries to mitigate against weather variability.

Grow Room

Germinate your seedlings prior to placing them in the grow tubes.

Cold Storage Room

VGFS incorporates the means for short-term food storage, because it is likely that not all the harvest will be immediately consumed or sold at market. Cooling is provided through a mini-split A/C system.

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We are proud to partner with Planet Harvest Foundation; a nonprofit organization seeking to fill the stomachs of the hungry and malnourished with programs designed around the use of our vertical container farms.